Microaxs itercom entry monitors are design-conscious products created as the ideal decorative accessory for your home. But there is more than style to consider. They actually offer an unparalleled level of technology, with functions and features designed to meet all requirements


4.3" IP Outdoor Station


  • 2 mega pixel HD camera
  • Aesthetic design with aluminum faceplate
  • Face recognition with approximite detection
  • 7" LCD Display with sensitive touch panel
  • View angle 123°
  • Door status detection
  • Fill-in light with high luminance LED
  • Support IC Card
  • Support normal-close /normal-open
  • Support standard 48V POE
  • Random password unlock and QR code unlock*
  • Cloud intercom APP is required
  • intercom

    4.3"/ 7" Indoor Monitor

    MX-IIS-102 / MX-IIS-100

  • Working voltage: DC 24V (support 24V POE)
  • Protocol: Standard TCP/IP
  • 4.3" TFT with advanced display effect
  • Automatic photo capture
  • Support intercom function
  • Sensitive touch key, cost-effective version
  • Alarm settings with 8 defense zones
  • Save up to 6 CCTV cameras in one monitor
  • Support KNX home automation connection
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