2 Megapixel HD camera. 8-inch IPS display screen with 800x1280 resolution. Supports multiple-face detection, facial tracking, liveness detection, and mask recognition. In standard environments with a database of 10,000 people. The facial recognition speed is less than 25ms with an error rate of 0.1%

Appearance and Interfaces




  • Support SIP protocol
  • 8-inch IPS display
  • auto fill light with high luminance LED
  • Using binocular wide dynamic range + near-infrared camera, Questyle face recognition algorithm, supports multiple face detection, face tracking, liveness detection, mask recognition and other functions. In thestandardenvironment, when there are 10,000 people in the database, thefacerecognition rate is less than 0.5s, and the false recognition rateis0.1%;
  • Support 9 unlock modes. password unlock, IC card unlock, buttonunlock,surveillance/call unlock, face recognition unlock, QR code unlock, APPunlock, face recognition+ public password combination unlock, facerecognition + IC card combination unlock.
  • Compatible with cloud server management, LAN server management, serverless management and multiple server management modes
  • Support alarm input, alarm output and support 12V output 250mAMAX, Support human proximity detection
  • Support elevator linkage, Support Wiegand settings
  • Support door status detection and timeout alarm, disconnection alarm and tamper alarm
  • Support 2 locks management
  • Support OTA online upgrade
For further details download the following datasheet:

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