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MICROAXS is a brand of MICROLINK NETWORKS LLC with its headquarter in New York, United States and a family business at a global scale. MICROAXS means smart automation with complete features for the control of lights, window shutters, air conditioning, security and audio etc. We constantly develop, innovate high quality new design, efficiency and user experience trends at the same time all solutions are strictly controlled in terms of quality, thus ensuring an outstanding performance..

Beautiful Design Robust Product

Design is one of the most prominent reason why our customers prefer our products. Aesthetics has always been an important aspect of our development processes are robustness and product lifetime. Our newest products line is the smallest access control, electronic locking system and room automation in the market. Additionally, all our readers are 100% waterproof and tolerant to hot and cold weather.

Sublime Technology

MicroaXs team is technically strong and technical improvement of our products is a part of our everyday conversation. We are proud of our products and all the technological features available. Our technical team is striving to bring innovation to the products. We would love to hear from you, if you have specific requests for product features or if you have any questions about your purchased products.

Innovating the World From USA

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The IoT of Your Industry

  • At MicroaXs, we use IoT to give your living space a heart.
  • A building is like a human body. Similar to veins and arteries, buildings have intricate wiring and piping systems behind their walls allowing them to function properly.
  • Now, emerging technologies are able to provide buildings with a brain making them “smart”. Home automation systems allow lights and appliances to automatically adjust through predetermined settings and sensor readings, or to be remotely controlled by a phone.
  • At MicroaXs, we believe that just being “smart” is not enough? The ability to feel is an essential quality missing in any living space. In order to learn from your habits, recognize your mood, and anticipate your wants, the building needs a heart. With the help of IoT technology, we are able to give it one.
  • We utilize the latest technology to unite our products into one invisible yet powerful IoT ecosystem. It supports a wide-range of third-party systems and devices, making connectivity flawless and secure. Lighting, HVAC and security systems all work seamlessly together.
  • MicroaXs is fully dedicated towards providing guest room energy management systems to the hospitality industry or facilities where people sleep away from home.

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