MX-2700SM, Embedded mounted, super shear lock, integrated design without external board, exquisite appearance with high safety coefficient, support 2000lbs shear force, suitable all kinds of doors, magnetic lock was embedded into the middle or above of the door frame, use magnetic force to catch up door leaf, elegant appearance. Inward door, frameless glass door, narrow door all have a complete set of accessories. Special residual magnetic design makes automatic access control safer and more convenient.


  • With delay and signal output.
  • Lock Size: 267L*30W*34H(mm).
  • Holding Force: MAX 1260kg (2000lbs).
  • Compatible with double swing doors
  • Horizontal or vertical installation.
  • Anti-Residual magnetism design.
  • Rated Operating Voltage DC 12V or 24V (selectable).
  • Current consumption 540mA@12V DC / 300mA@24V DC.

For further details download the following datasheet:

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