MX-100EB4P, is a low temperature Electric door lock with door status signal output and delay function, which is fail safe electric bolt lock that suitable for glass door, wooden door, metal door . We supply integrity equipment to collocate with fully frameless glass door, swing-in door and so on. Build-in Photoelectricity control and low temperature design, which makes access safer and durable.


  • Fail-safe type: Power to lock
  • Face Plate: 205L*35W*40H(mm).
  • Strike Plate: 90L*25W*2H(mm).
  • Bolt: 16mm(Throw) * 16mm(Diameter).
  • Signal Output: door open or door close state detection output point, NC/COM.
  • Timer: 0/3/6/9 seconds available to set.
  • Face Place Material´╝ÜHigh Aluminum, Carrulous Line Finished.

For further details download the following datasheet:

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