MX-600EBF, sturdiness Electric Frameless Glass Door Lock is a High security lock suitable for framed glass doors, wooden doors, metal doors, fire doors. Lock body are made of high hardness corrosion resistant aluminum alloy, all solid lock withstand 1000 pounds linear positive impact. Special photoelectric control ultra-low temperature, low efficacy, Safe and reliable energy saving.


  • Fail-safe Type: Power To Lock Or Fail-secure.
  • Type:power To Open.
  • Start Current: 900ma Standby Current: 250ma Fail Safe/fail Secure.
  • Bolt: 17mm Dia,stainless Steel 13mm Throw.
  • Timer: 0/ 2.5 /5 Seconds Available To Set.
  • Signal Output: Door Status Output,no/com.
  • Signal Output Door status Output, NO/NC/COM.
  • Suitable For:fully Frameless( 12~15mm Thickness).

For further details download the following datasheet:

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