MX-UltraMatch-S2000 series products has a stylish design and reliable performance. Adopting BioNANO algorithm, the system provides the most accurate, stable, and quickest iris recognition while delivering high-level security in biometric enrollment, individual identification, and access control.


  • Iris recognition can accurately identify individuals using common biometric technologies. Even twins have completely independent iris textures. Iris patterns are unique and can not be duplicated.
  • .MICROAXS Iris recognition products use binocular recognition technology, which effectively solves the instability and randomness of traditional single-eye Iris recognition. It uses a high-speed interactive platform to achieve rapid recognition of less than 0.5 seconds per person.
  • Iris recognition is more suitable than other biometric identification in certain environments. If one has a worn or injured fingerprints or wear gloves, the MX-UltraMatch-S2000 is better than fingerprint devices..
  • The MX-UltraMatch-S2000 works in all lighting environments, from bright illumination to total darkness. The system supports all eye colors.
  • The MX-UltraMatch-S2000 can identify subjects even when they are wearing eyeglasses, most sunglasses, most types of contact lenses, and even face masks.
​For further details download the following datasheet:

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