MX-FaceDeep series are the new AI-based face recognition terminal equipped with a dual-core based Linux based CPU and the latest BioNANO deep learning algorithm. It supports up to 10,000 dynamic face database and rapidly recognize users within 2M (6.5 ft) in less than 0.3 seconds and customizes alerts and a variety of reporting for no-mask wearing.


  • Powered by Independent AI Engine and BioNANO Deep Learning Algorithm GOPS NPU 600. Dual-Core 1.0GHz. Face Recognition Speed <0.3 S.
  • Dual Camera for Liveness Face Recognition.
  • MASK or NO MASK, AI deep learning mask-wearing detection.
  • High- Throughput screening (HTS) Up to 50 people per MINUTE.
  • Supports RFID Cards (125kHz EM or 13.56MHz Mifare.
  • In CrossChex System the cloud solution provide accurate and convenient remote management.
​For further details download the following datasheet:

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