The MICROAXS MX-491BGD-B Emergency Door Release Break Glass Station provides immediate unlocking of perimeter doors or interior doors that are equipped with fail-safe electric locks. The 491’s built in alarm may be used as a local door annunciator. The MICROAXS MX-491BGD-B is specifically designed for emergency door release and may influence the approval of an electric locking system. This type of Emergency Door Release may be preferred over a pull station since greater commitment is required to break the glass.


  • Aluminum rod Blue housing with easy to readactivation instructions avoids confusion with red fire alarm stations.
  • The MICROAXS MX-491BGD-B may initiate the release of an individual door or all doors on the same circuit.
  • The MICROAXS MX-491BGD-B may be mounted in a 2” deep single gang back box or double gang box with plaster ring cover. The MICROAXS MX-491BGD-B may be surface mounted with a surface mount back box.

For further details download the following datasheet:

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