MX-SCR100 RF card network access control, supports standard TCP / IP protocol, which enables inter-network connection across the network gateway, built Webserver can be accessed through the network relevant data, no screen no buttons design, powerful radio card compatible features for access control the system provides more product choices, do one machine can be used as stand-alone locks RF card access control access controller connected to the read head using a new anti-aging anti-corrosion materials, more durable.


  • No screen, no button design, durable waterproof and dust proof.
  • Can register by uploading information access software.
  • Advanced encryption technology to ensure the data more secure.
  • The controller and the read head integrated, more simple and convenient.
  • Support TCP/IP protocol, can be offline or online distribution network use, replacing traditional wiring and slow data transmission and other defects.
  • Professional access control functions: support allkinds of locks, switches, alarm, door sensor etc.
  • Support wg input or output function, external reader or anti-submarine capabilities to achieve master-slave.
For further details download the following datasheet:

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