MX-ISEB05SM series IR Sensor No Touch Touchless exit button is use ABS plastic plate and able to make waterproof. It's easy-to-install and most frequently used in the access control systems. The superior design of the buttons and quality construction offer outstanding performance for years, becoming a classic style.
Similar to NF-C series touchless exit button is IR Sensor technology with 5 cables included for NO (Normal Open), NC (Normal Close) and COM (Common) and +12V DC and GND, it has red and green double colors LED indicator. Red color when standby ang Green color when actived.
55*86mm Square size is hot sell items in American and 86*86mm Square European size is hot sell items in European and Asian as well as other countries at this size.


  • Different sizes available for different countries: European size 86*86mm, ANSI Size 86*55mm
  • Red and Green colors LED indicator, red color when standby, green color when actived.
  • Time Delay: 0.3-30sec,Sensitive Distance:3~15cm adjustable.
  • Fireproof ABC material Faceplate, elegant design with safety handle.
  • 3A @ 12VDC-28VDC.
  • Red LED indicator / Power ON (Standby)Green LED indicator / Power ON (Sensation
  • Output Contact NO,NC,COM
  • Mechanical Life 500,000 tested

For further details download the following datasheet:

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