MX-TNet Series


  1. Standard TCP/IP communication, multi-level lightning protection and surge protection.
  2. Large-capacity FLASH, multi-type circuit design optimization, 10 years of continuous power storage data.
  3. Input/output protection, components from well-known IC manufacturers.
  4. Various ways to identify and open the door: card, password, card + password, double card, free access, timing door switch and timing alarm.
  5. Linkage function of the system: the product has reserved abundant interfaces for customers, and a variety of event linkage mechanisms have been added in the design, which can link other events, such as illegal card alarm and alarm linkage door opening, through swiping, illegal card, alarm input and other events.
  6. Perfect access control management. The controller has powerful access control function and can provide perfect management of single door access control. Realize multi-card opening, password opening, card and password opening and different opening modes in different time periods.
    • First Card
    • Multi-card Open
    • Anti-passback
    • Remote Control
    • Multi-door interlock
    • Threaten Code
    • Normal Open Automatically.
  7. Powerful Software When access controller series work with Anson software, it can achieve more complex security function. Such as, access data search, employee shift, attendance statistics.
    • Access Control and video device linkage
    • Attendance
    • On-line access control
    • Real-time Remote monitoring
For further details download the following datasheet:

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