Pre-drilled & Tapped Header Bracket

Used in lieu of angle brackets, the Universal Header Bracket provides a faster mounting solution, saving time and labor costs for several EmLock models. Reduce potential for mis-sized and misaligned mounting holes, broken taps, removal of broken taps. Combined with interlocking. E-Z mount assembly, save up to a alf days labor with the installation of 12 locks.

Spacer Bracket,For Concrete Filled Frames & Aluminum Frame With Blade Stop

Aluminum frames with blade stop - lowers EmLock below blade stop. Concrete filled hollow metal frames provides multiple points for concealed wire entry.


  • Solid 1” bar provides higher security and superior aesthetics
  • Machined wire chase provides concealed and secure wiring.
  • Multiple pre-drilled and tapped mounting holes to accommodate the use of several different locks on either 4” or 4.5” aluminum frames.
  • Pre-drilled and tapped specifically for 1511, 1571, 1581 EmLock.
  • Machined wire chase provides multiple points for concealed wire entry from concrete filled frames
  • 628 Aluminum Anodized.

For further details download the following datasheet:

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