Electronic lock for lockers with proximity card, code and Bluetooth opening

Electronic lock for lockers and furniture, with Bluetooth opening via mobile APP. Proximity opening and numeric code as option, by installing the external keyboard/reader.

MICROAXS offers a simple, practical and secure locker access control management system with the Lockerfy range of electronic locks for lockers and furnitures.

Lockerfy is the ideal solution for keeping the belongings of users and employees of health centres, spas, gyms, sports centres, education centres, company dressing rooms, etc. as well as in the usually shared room closets of hostels.

  • Simple and fast installation in lockers, cabinets, drawers, etc. Suitable for installation on all types of materials.
  • Opening modes::
    • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy): with APP mobile.
    • Online: remote opening through Gateway.
    • Emergency: administrator master code for emergency openings.
    • With optional keyboard:
      • Numerical code: permanent, temporary, cyclic and one time access.
      • MiFare proximity.
  • Online connexion through Gateway, allows the administrator to manage users, openings log audit and remote opening from its Smartphone.
  • Two different modes of operation:
    • Auto-closing, with programmable closing time
    • Open mode: the user closes the lock with their bluetooth electronic key, code or card.
  • Distinguish between 2 user modes:
    • Owner: for lockers exclusively used by one person.
    • Allocation: the user uses the free lockers that are available at any given time.
  • Does not require wiring, works with 4 AAA batteries.
  • Opening alarm: alarm sounds and lights up when forced to open.

Emergency Opening

To open the locks when the batteries are depleted, Lockerfy is equipped with a micro USB connector that permits the lock to be powered via a connected powerbank.

  • Lockerfy BLE: connector inside embellished cap.
  • Lockerfy with keyboard: micro USB located underneath the keyboard, protected by a rubber cap.
Electronic Lock for Locker Smart
Electronic Lock for Locker Smart

Electronic Lock for Lockers - Lockerfy Online

The Gateway converts the Lockerfy lock into online devices.

With an online connection via Wi-Fi, the Lockerfy lock transfers the recorded events to the Cloud, which allows to the administrators the online audit from their own Smartphone.

Another functionality of the Gateway that brings extra convenience to the owner is its remote opening. If a person is faced with a Lockerfy controlled door without an access credential, the owner can open the different devices from their own Smartphone.

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