Lock for locker with proximity and remote opening

MICROAXS offers you a simple, practical and safe locker management system with the SMART electronic lock for lockers, with two different modes of operation

  • Locker mode: The lock is normally open and closes/opens when it reads a card with valid authorisation.
  • Drawer/Furniture mode: The lock is normally closed and opens if it reads a card with valid authorisation. The latch closes after the programmed time.

The SMART electronic lock for locker offers you:

  • Simple and quick installation in lockers and cabinets made of wood, sheet metal, plastic or phenolic plastic, for example, due to their standard Euro size.
  • Discreet design without knob, hidden inside the furniture.
  • Opening by proximity RFID.
  • 2 modes of operation, according to the locker type:
    • Owner: A locker exclusively for one person.
    • Free allocation: Person uses any locker that is free.
  • Self-programmable for opening or closing at specific times.
  • Replaces coin-operated locks.
  • Management system with own software.
  • Does not require wiring, works with AA batteries.
  • Wireless connectivity option.

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