With its brushed metal surface, Rosa Metal switches continue to add value to your space with the framless design. Rosa touch design and minimalist icon options provide a unique user experience.


Rosa Metal KNX Switches

  • Touch operated
  • Wide range of colors
  • Brushed metal surface
  • Independent programmable keys
  • Navigation LEDs
  • Customize icon options
  • Feedback LEDs
  • Frameless minimalist design

Touch operated...

Rosa switches provide an aesthetic apperance and ease of use with large and brushed surface buttons. Perfect touch even from corners!

Brushed metal Surface…

Brushed metal serfaces adds aesthethic appearance to your space. Rosa brushed metal switches contain 5 different color alternatives. (Pearl White, Natural, Gold, Bronze, Anthracite)

Rosa Metal thermostats continue to add value to your space with frameless design. Rosa offers a unique user experience and intuitive operation with its touch design, brushed metal surface and minimalist icons.


Rosa Metal KNX Thermostats

  • Touch operated
  • Wide range of colors
  • Brushed metal surface
  • Fully automatic heating-cooling transition
  • Thermostat and switch in one
  • Multiple air conditioning resource management
  • Frameless minimalist design
  • Navigation LEDs
  • Independent programmable buttons
  • Feedback LEDs
  • Stay, away, comfort and night mode options
  • Engraved, serigraphed icon options

All in One...

Providing control of many functions from one point such as:
Lighting Control
HVAC Control
Shutter/Blind Control
Scene Call

Navigation LED...

Reach to your thermostat & switch easly and safely in the dark with the navigation LEDs on Rosa.

Feedback LEDs...

With the feedback LEDs in Rosa's design, you can clearly see the status of lighting, curtains/blinds and air conditioners in your living spaces.

Rosa thermostat, where the classical and modern lines meet, adds a harmony to the place.

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